Winter Apparel

  • Large selection of winter wear items for men, ladies, & youth
  • Different sets / mixes available for stores large to small
    • 4 sided grid wall on wheels
    • 3 sided grid wall display on wheels
    • 2 sided grid wall display no wheels
    • 1 sided grid wall display no wheels
    • Spinner display no wheels
    • Clip strip & or dump bin displays
  • All the items pre-priced and packed in appropriate amount for the display requested
  • Re-orders available throughout the season
  • 40% margin to the retailer with a guaranteed sale option
    • all un-sold sellable items at the end of the season can be returned for full credit
    • discounts off invoice for a non-guaranteed sale
  • Our best seasonal program!

Winter Apparel Shipping Program Sell Sheet

Winter Apparel Program for Service Area Sell Sheet